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Help Define Your Ride!

A gravel bike will typically give you a more upright riding position than road bike geometry, with a longer head tube and shorter reach. That should result in more comfort on long rides and also lets you shift your weight around to tackle obstacles and off-road descents

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Gravel bikes have a snappy-yet-stable character that mixes cyclocross and road geometries. A relaxed riding position, longer chainstays, and larger tire clearance all contribute to a smoother, more comfortable ride.

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To accommodate needs on long rides, many gravel bikes include various mounts to attach feed bags, additional water cages, or lightweight bikepacking gear.

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Some new frame designs allow for easier wheelset swaps. Run your lightweight 700x25 set for road rides, then switch to an off-road set for weekend getaways. Enjoy both riding styles with just one bike.

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