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Road Bike Guide

Whatever your motivation is to ride, there’s a bike tailored to your needs. This is a basic guide to the types and characteristics of popular bicyles.

A few things to decide about your search:

Decide on your bike type: The right bike will depend on how you plan to ride. We give you a rundown of bike categories to help you narrow your choices.

Performance and cost: Bikes within a given category and price range generally have similar types of components. But expect to pay more for higher-performance components or frame materials such as carbon.

Profession bike fitting: Bikes come in a range of sizes, so start by finding the right frame size based on your height. Houston Cycling Centers can help you fine-tune fit issues that arise after that.

Placeholder Picture Performance Bike

Performance bikes feature a stiffer frame, higher-end components, lighter wheels and a steeper price tag.  But they can perform!

Placeholder Picture Gravel Bikes

A gravel bike is  designed to let you ride over many different surfaces. The geometry means you can make good progress on the road –but, with wider tyres, lower gearing and stable handling, you can also head off-road with confidence.

Placeholder Picture Touring Bikes

A touring bike is designed for multi-day rides where you're carrying everything you need with you. 

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